Media Coverage of Research

(April 20, 2015) – Alumna Shares Facebook Findings at Campus Event, SUNY New Paltz News

(April 9, 2015) – The Fight on Facebook: New Paltz Alumna Analyze Competition on Social Media, The New Paltz Oracle

(July 28, 2012) – Are Kids Learning How To Be Unfaithful in College? The Huffington Post

(October 11, 2012) – “Human Canvas” & “Upping-the-Ante” Hypotheses for the Evolutionary Significance of Tattooing, The EvoS Consortium

(April 19, 2012) – High Infidelity: New Paltz Graduate Student Investigates Relationships Through Psychological Study, The New Paltz Oracle


(February 23, 2012) – EvoS Students Study Sexual Selection on Campus, The Little Rebellion